Journal of Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery - Forthcoming

  • Evaluation of orofacial pain and psychological comorbidities in health sciences university students
    Suresh Kandagal Veerabhadrappa, Lim Xin Fong, Seema Yadav, Ahmad Termizi Bin Zamzuri and Rozaidah Talib
    Accepted: 13/10/2020
  • Diagnostic difficulty of an aggressive and recurrent giant cell granuloma: A short case report
    Louis De Cidrac, Kadri Mohamed, Pecorari Roch, Nguyen Thông and Radoï Loredana
    Accepted: 23/09/2020
  • A case of large adenomatoid odontogenic tumor in the posterior region of the mandible showing root resorption
    Atsushi Fujita, Yoshiya Ueyama, Hitoshi Nagatsuka Nagatsuka and Hitoshi kawamata
    Accepted: 22/09/2020
  • Insect bite of the lip with secondary impetiginization: a report case
    Timothe Debre, El Mansouf Loubna and Alp Alantar
    Accepted: 18/09/2020
  • Efficacy of platelet rich plasma (PRP) on mouth opening and pain after surgical extraction of mandibular third molars
    Maidah Hanif and Muhammad Azhar Sheikh
    Accepted: 10/09/2020
  • Mandibular tori interfering with the mobility of the lingual frenulum: a case report
    Theo Casenave, Natacha Raynaud, Marjorie Muret and Jacques-Henri Torres
    Accepted: 07/09/2020
  • Actual indications of mandibular osteosynthesis plates with condyle : two cases reports
    Louis Saussier, Maud Choplin and Guy Le Toux
    Accepted: 26/08/2020
  • Rapid prototyping: applications in oral and maxillofacial surgery
    Francesco Giovacchini, Massimiliano Gilli, Valeria Mitro, Gabriele Monarchi, Caterina Bensi and Antonio Tullio
    Accepted: 26/08/2020
  • Dermatomyositis: what the oral healthcare provider must know
    Pavan Manohar Patil and Seema Pavan Patil
    Accepted: 26/08/2020
  • Update on the management of orbitozygomatic fractures
    Bredel Djeri Djor Mabika, Allaye Garango, Saad Lahmiti, Dominique Nguessan, Toua Antoine Coulibaly, Ibrahïma Traoré and Nadia Mansouri
    Accepted: 26/08/2020