Aims and scope

The Journal of Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery (JOMOS) is dedicated to the study and the treatment of diseases in the fields of oral medicine and oral surgery.

JOMOS is the official organ of the French Society of Oral Surgery (SFCO). JOMOS accepts only submission of articles in English or American, mainly original research articles, systematic reviews or meta-analysis and educational articles. Case reports are limited to rare or unusual conditions, well document with appropriate follow-up and iconography.

The content consists mainly of original articles reporting the results of clinical and experimental research work, letters to the editor, review papers and case studies. Hence, there are different types of article:

  • Original articles
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Literature reviews
  • Clinical trials of a diagnostic and therapeutic nature
  • Epidemiological studies and investigations
  • Additional investigations
  • Clinical observations
  • Technical notes
  • Good practice recommendations

The Journal of Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery only publishes articles whose authors comply with the ethical rules and national legislation governing biomedical studies and animal experiments.