Journal of Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery - Forthcoming

  • Oral malignant melanoma: an alarming manifestation
    Tannishtha . and Supriya Bhat
    Accepted: 17/02/2024
  • Editorial
    Anne-Laure Ejeil
    Accepted: 26/01/2024
  • De la cellulite du visage à la fasciite nécrosante périorbitaire induite par Streptococcus pyogenese : à propos d'un cas.
    Andréanne PELLAT, Charline GENGLER, Alice BRIE and Narcisse ZWETYENGA
    Accepted: 22/01/2024
  • Evaluation of Oral Health-Related Quality of Life in a Sample of Iraqi Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Case-Control Study
    Khalid Burhan Khalid, Yasameen Abbas Humadi, Faiq I. Gorial, Nabaa Ihsan Awadh, Shahad Jamal Mahmood and Roaa Salim Mahmood
    Accepted: 15/01/2024
  • Oro-Antral Communication Closure Using Collagenated Porcine Cortical Lamina: A Retrospective Study of 34 Cases
    Nicolas Jaballah-Magdeleine, Soufiane Boussouni, Philippe Michel and Clotaire Kati-Coulibaly
    Accepted: 30/10/2023