Journal of Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery - Forthcoming

  • Comparison Radical Surgery Versus Conservative Surgery to Decrease Post-operative Recurrence in Ossifying Fibroma: Systematic Review
    Marlinda Adham and Dwi Juliana Dewi
    Accepted: 07/07/2020
  • .Challenges and mental health issues faced by dental health care personnel during COVID-19 pandemic and beyond - The way ahead
    Ankita Kar, Udayan Bhaumik, Haritma Nigam and Vishal Rao
    Accepted: 06/07/2020
  • projection dentaire dans le sinus maxillaire : caractéristiques et prise en charge
    mathilde seigneur
    Accepted: 06/07/2020
  • Understanding doctors’ and dentists’ lack of focus on Oral Medicine: another example of the bystander effect?
    Nathan MOREAU
    Accepted: 24/06/2020
  • Rare case of recurrent Hair in the Floor of the Mouth
    Shilpa Prabhu and Amal Faisal Al Abdulla
    Accepted: 18/06/2020
  • Endo-buccal mucosal punch biopsy and cervico-facial benign subcutaneous emphysema
    Thibault Casatuto, Gauthier Benat, Sara Laurencin and Sarah Cousty
    Accepted: 18/06/2020
  • Extramedullar plasmocytoma of the oral cavity.
    Helen Olugbeje and Arthur Fourcade
    Accepted: 09/06/2020
  • Exploring the time course of painful post traumatic trigeminal neuropathy : a pilot study
    yves boucher
    Accepted: 26/05/2020
  • Syndrome de l’hamulus ptérygoïdien : un cas clinique Pterygoid hamulus syndrome : a case report
    Paul Galvez, Nathan Moreau, Mathilde Fenelon, Jean-Marie Marteau, Sylvain Catros and Jean-Christophe Fricain
    Accepted: 26/05/2020
  • Mycoplasma pneumoniae Induced Rash and Mucositis sine rash: a distinct entity of erythema multiforma spectrum
    Maxime Delarue, Marie-Christine Thiebaut-Drobacheff, Clémentine Carlet, Brice Châtelain, Aurélien Louvrier and Edouard Euvrard
    Accepted: 17/04/2020