Journal of Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery - Forthcoming

  • Yellowish oral mass occurring after nasolabial dermal filler
    Niccolò Lombardi and Giovanni Lodi
    Accepted: 19/04/2024
  • Sialolipoma: A Rare Case of a Hamartoma in the Floor of the Mouth.
    Ali Sh. Zayed, Mohammed Oday Falih and Hanan Amanuel Qas Marrogy
    Accepted: 07/04/2024
  • Cysts of the jaws and how to make their diagnoses under a microscope: a need for a better communication between clinicians and pathologists
    Svyat Strokov, Nathalie Cardot-Leccia, Hélène Raybaud, Sarah Latrèche, Estelle Guillou, Nouha Khenissa, Yves Ponchet and Christine Voha
    Accepted: 25/03/2024
  • predictors of fistula formation after primary palatoplasty
    Kesiena Seun Yarhere, Oladimeji Adeniyi Akadiri, Babatunde Olayemi Akinbami and Ambrose Emeka Obiechina
    Accepted: 11/03/2024
  • Pre-prosthetic Schuchardt Osteotomy : The contribution of computer-assisted surgical planning
    Mickael SAMAMA and Julia Masliah
    Accepted: 23/02/2024
  • Oro-Antral Communication Closure Using Collagenated Porcine Cortical Lamina: A Retrospective Study of 34 Cases
    Nicolas Jaballah-Magdeleine, Soufiane Boussouni, Philippe Michel and Clotaire Kati-Coulibaly
    Accepted: 30/10/2023